Spring Reception 2021 Welcome Chinese New Year

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations’ Spring Reception 2021 takes on a virtual spin to welcome Chinese New Year

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations’ Spring Reception 2021 takes on a virtual spin to welcome Chinese New Year - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations’ Spring Reception 2021 takes on a virtual spin to welcome Chinese New Year

Singapore, 14 February 2021 – Held virtually for the first time, approximately 250 guests came together to welcome the auspicious Year of the Ox at Spring Reception 2021. Jointly organised by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) and the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA), the annual event gathers distinguished representatives from the local Chinese community and various ethnic groups to exchange well-wishesandaspirationsforthenewyear,whilepresentingaplatformtoencouragegreater appreciation of Chinese values and culture through performances by a youthful line-up from local artsgroups.

  • As part of the Spring Reception programme, Guest-of-Honour Mr Chan Chun Sing, MinisterforTradeandIndustrydeliveredaChineseNewYearaddress,whileMrEdwinTong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law delivered greetings to all attendees. Political leaders that were in attendance include Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Ong Ye Kung, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State Sim Ann,SeniorMinisterofStateKohPohKoon,MinisterofStateLowYenLing,MinisterofState Sun Xueling, Minister of State Desmond Tan, Minister of State Tan Kiat How, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng and Parliamentary Secretary EricChua.


  • Other distinguished guests included Members of Parliament, members of the diplomatic corps, foreign dignitaries and representatives from local arts and cultural groups, clanassociations,leadersoftheChinesecommunityandrepresentativesfromdifferentethnic communities. With the session live streamed on both SCCC and SFCCA’s Facebook platforms,membersofthepublicwerealsoinvitedtojoininthefestivitiestoenjoycaptivating culturalperformancessuchasapercussiondrumperformancebyDrumFeng,astreetdance and Chinese martial arts performance by Urban Terrain Groovers and a rendition ofChinese

New Year songs by musicians Deborah Shok and David Khor.

  • Speaking on the digital nature of Spring Reception 2021, Mr Chua Thian Poh, Chairman of SCCC and Honorary President of SFCCA said, “In the face of the COVID pandemic, we are glad to still be able to hold our first virtual Spring Reception this year. The pastyearwasunlikeanywehaveseen,thepandemicdisruptedpeople’slivesandplansand the SCCC is no exception. Nonetheless, we remained positive and saw this challenge as an opportunity to preserve and promote Chinese culture, while thriving through the pandemic. We will continue to present traditions in innovative ways, leveraging on technology and new media, and enriching the local arts and culturalscene.”


  • Echoing that in his speech, Mr Tan Aik Hock, President of SFCCA, said, “The pandemic has changed the way we live and clan associations also need to adapt with the times, so as to promote the local Chinese culture and values more effectively. SFCCA thereforecallsuponallourmemberassociationstoharnessthepoweroftechnologytoadjust to the new normal.” Besides taking the lead in shifting their operations and activities online since the beginning of last year, SFCCA would spearhead the digital transformation by providing the necessary assistance to their association members, Mr Tanadded.




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