Stalwarts of Singapore’s Chinese culture recognised at the opening of the SCCC Cultural Extravaganza

Stalwarts of Singapore’s Chinese culture recognised at the opening of the SCCC Cultural Extravaganza - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Stalwarts of Singapore’s Chinese culture recognised at the opening of the SCCC Cultural Extravaganza

Stalwarts of Singapore’s Chinese culture recognised at the opening of the SCCC Cultural Extravaganza

Singapore, 18 May 2018 – Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu officiated the launch of the SCCC Cultural Extravaganza (CE 2018) (华彩2018) this evening as it returns with a dynamic line-up of programmes that showcases Singapore’s distinctive Chinese culture. The Centre also honoured the efforts of renowned local music conductor Mr Lee Yuk Chuan and the Singapore Association of Writers, as they received the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (SCCCA) for their significant contributions to the Singapore Chinese cultural landscape over the years.

CE 2018 kicked off on a high with the premiere of Masters of Comedy (天才谐星) by local theatre group Toy Factory, paying tribute to iconic comedians of Singapore’s past and present. The audience was treated to a mix of comedic dialogue, crosstalk, song and dance showcasing familiar scenes from household comedy stars – the respected Bai Yan, comic duo Wang Sha Ye Feng, Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Hui Ge – who have contributed to the development of local Chinese entertainment. An exciting host of  programmes by local cultural practitioners and institutions also beckons over the next three weeks, culminating with Sing.Lang Concert (“Sing.浪”演唱会) and its entourage of our local music talents.

“Singapore’s Chinese culture is unique, vibrant and ever changing. From time-honoured practices, to art forms that intersect between tradition and modernity, CE 2018 not only celebrates the creative artistic pulses and passionate stalwarts of our Chinese culture, but also provides an accessible platform for a multi-generational audience to come together to enjoy the different facets of our cultural legacy,” said Mr Chua Thian Poh, Chairman of SCCC.

Honouring the stalwarts of Singapore’s Chinese culture

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (SCCCA) recognises individuals and organisations who have made exceptional contributions to Singapore’s Chinese cultural landscape. The sophomore edition of the SCCCA honoured local musician, composer and conductor, Mr Lee Yuk Chuan in the individual category while the Singapore Association of Writers was recognised in the organisation category.

Both recipients had stood out from a total of 47 nominations – comprising 29 nominations for the individual category and 18 nominations for the organisation category. Each received a specially commissioned trophy designed by local contemporary sculptor, Yeo Chee Kiong, S$10,000 in cash and up to S$10,000 in project funding.

One of the most prolific composers in Singapore, Mr Lee Yuk Chuan was recognised for his tireless nurturing of Singapore’s choral and Chinese orchestral scene over the past five decades. Having composed an extensive repertoire of local Chinese songs and created Singapore’s first full-length opera in Mandarin titled the Lady Lingzhi, Mr Lee was also instrumental in expanding Singapore’s musical footprint abroad by leading local choirs and Chinese orchestras to perform on the international stage.

The Singapore Association of Writers was recognised for their significant contributions to the development of Singapore’s Chinese literary scene over the past 40 years. The keen advocate for Singapore literature constantly creates opportunities for local authors to interact with distinguished international and Chinese writers and is relentless in introducing local Chinese literature to the younger generation.

As part of CE 2018, the Singapore Association of Writers will also present Sensibilities in the Sense(s).  It promises to be an auditory and visual treat as an assembly of award-winning local poets present a fresh take on poetry reading by merging Chinese poetry reading with live music on the harmonica and pipa, and a short animated movie adaptation.

CEO of SCCC, Mr Low Sze Wee, said, “As a centre of excellence, the SCCC will continue to play an integral role in preserving and passing down a cultural legacy, distinctive to Singapore, through its programming and activities. Beyond recognising cultural groups and institutions which have made significant contributions to our Chinese cultural landscape, we also look forward to working with them to better understand our audience’s interests and to explore fresh possibilities to present local Chinese culture in relevant and accessible ways for all Singaporeans and visitors.”

The SCCC Cultural Extravaganza will be held from 18 May to 10 June at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906). For more information on ticketing and programme details, visit


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