The Inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

The Inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

The Inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

The Inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

Singapore, 20 September 2016 – The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre will be launching the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (SCCCA) in recognition of individuals and organisations from various sectors, who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion, enrichment and development of Singapore Chinese culture.

Unique and important to Singapore’s multi-culturalism is the Singapore Chinese culture that can be broadly divided into Chinese culture, immigrant culture and National culture. In today’s globalised and fast-paced world, different cultures frequently cross paths, resulting in rapid integration.  Singapore’s culture is similarly influenced by various cultures.  Chinese culture is the common identity of all local Chinese, and in this era of the global village, it is a great challenge to promote Chinese cultural heritage and enhance the cohesiveness of Chinese people regardless of age, gender and religion.

Dr Liu Thai Ker, Chairman of the SCCCA Judging Panel commented, “There are dedicated individuals and organisations in the Singapore Chinese cultural landscape, who selflessly and tirelessly contribute and devote their time, energy and resources. The Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award is established to affirm and recognise their efforts and contribution, as well as to encourage more people to come forward to promote and develop Singapore’s Chinese cultural heritage. This will be instrumental in ensuring that our Chinese culture continues to thrive and in developing our unique Singapore Chinese culture.”

Living Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for the individual award and Singapore registered non-commercial organisations can be nominated for the group honours. One Individual and one Organisation award will be conferred with a prize of S$20,000 each, comprising S$10,000 cash and up to S$10,000 project funding.  Nominations for the inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award are open from now till 28 February 2017. Interested individuals and organisations are required to complete and submit the nomination form to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.  Please refer to Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award website for more details.

Helmed by Dr Liu Thai Ker, the judging panel comprises Professor Eddie Kuo Chen Yu, Professor Kwok Kian-Woon, Mr Lim Jim Koon, Mr Leslie Fong Yin Leong, Mr Hee Theng Fong and Ms Woo Mun Ngan. Together, they will assess the nominations based on the award criteria. The award winners will be announced in May 2017.

For media enquiries and interviews, please contact:
Linda Geng Yan
Corporate Communications Manager
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
DID: 6259 0397
HP: 8118 1319
Email: [email protected]


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