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Music is part of our social DNA; it is how our culture and language are passed down. Join us in our regular concert series featuring local musical talents. From upbeat Mandopop hits to lovelorn ballads, hear what it means to be Chinese Singaporean through our songs.  Through engaging and exciting programmes, SCCC aims to support the local Chinese music ecosystem. So, whether you create or simply appreciate local music, watch this space for more good music.

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SG:SW I Write The Songs

SG:SW I Write The Songs festival is the platform for singers and songwriters to showcase their talents. Aspiring songwriters can submit their work, network with industry professionals and attend masterclasses to hone their craft.

Even if you are not into songwriting, you can still enjoy presentations of original compositions and watch professionals critique first-hand at this annual festival. Let the SG:SW I Write the Songs “SG:SW 我写我的歌” winners awe you with their artistic brilliance—enjoy their music videos here

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Sing•浪 concert

For the uninitiated, the Sing•浪 Concert features headliners who are Singaporean artistes who have made waves in the Chinese music world. With established vocal heavyweights as well as up-and-coming young artistes, the Sing•浪 concert promises Mandarin audiophiles an exciting curation of artistes across varying genres.

While waiting for the next Sing•浪 concert, relive the excitement by watching past year’s concert on our YouTube page. 

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TGIF Music Station: SCCC x YES 933

Whether you’re searching for entertainment while having dinner, or hoping to discover new music on your commute home, TGIF Music Station: SCCC x YES 933 has got you covered. Tune in and listen to your favourite Mandopop tunes from various music acts.

TGIF Music Station: SCCC x YES 933 live show returns! Swing by SCCC Concourse level 1 every 3rd Friday of the month at 8pm to catch the live show! For those who can’t attend the physical show, hop on to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Facebook page on the same day at 8.30pm. For more information and updated show line-up, visit