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2020 was a challenging year as COVID-19 swept across the world. None of the things we had long taken for granted – how we interact, work, live – were left unscathed.

But pandemics also created opportunities for us to stop, slow down, reflect and rethink. We asked ourselves questions – who are we? What is important? How can we do things better or differently?

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Last year, we had to close our newly-opened SINGAPO人 exhibition due to the circuit breaker. As a result, we had to find our bearings and recalibrate. As a promoter of Chinese Singaporean culture, we strive to inspire and uplift the spirits of our community. Many uncertainties may arise but our values and common way of life keep us connected and rooted.

Hence, we launched the SINGAPO人 social media campaign as a call for our community to stay united. We invited our partners to share how key family values like compassion and perseverance guided their actions and mindsets during the difficult period. We also collaborated with JangandFox Studio to create a series of well-received online illustrations on how these key values were practised in our daily life.

We launched the SINGAPO人 social media campaign during the circuit breaker last year.
A heartwarming illustration by JangandFox Studio.
Even as the SINGAPO人 exhibition reopened after the circuit breaker, safety measures were in place to ensure the safety of visitors.

As the pandemic stretched on, it tested our adaptability and relevance to our audience. We took that opportunity to accelerate our digitalisation efforts and develop online content to connect and bring comfort to our community.

With this aim in mind, we created videos and online games to introduce the origins and customs of our Chinese festivals, as well as to showcase the younger generation’s take on festival traditions.

We continued to connect with our community during different festivities. Together with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, we organised our first virtual National Day Sing-along and Chinese New Year Spring Reception for the public to come together to celebrate these occasions via the Facebook livestream and Zoom platforms.

We also celebrated national achievements. When our hawker culture was successfully listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, we produced online games for netizens to learn how to prepare drinks and dishes like kaya toast and kopi, bak kut teh and Hainanese chicken rice.

We launched eight online games last year.
Moo Moo PARK was Asia’s first drive-through exhibition.

Special circumstances require special mindsets. Hence, we experimented with innovative ways for the public to enjoy exhibitions in a safe manner. Thousands enjoyed Moo Moo PARK – Asia’s first drive-through exhibition. Visitors in electric vehicles were driven around our carpark which was transformed into an exhibition space containing colourful installations created by eight young local artists.

Despite its challenges, the past year motivated us to venture off the beaten path. Such experiences provided opportunities to reflect, restart and renew. We aim to carry the same spirit of adventure and passion to embrace the future.

Lastly, I would like to thank our donors, partners, board of directors and the community for their strong and generous support in the past year.

Chua Thian Poh

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre